how to make rugs non slip

Making rugs non-slip is a great way to protect your family, pets, and furniture from slips and falls. From adhesive rug pads to double-sided adhesive tape, there are several ways to make rugs non-slip.

In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of each method and discuss the best way to make rugs non-slip. (Spoiler: I recommend rug pads)

Popular Ways To Stop Rugs From Sliding

There are tons of ways to keep rugs in place. While many of these provide a budget-friendly and low skill solution, they do come with the general risk of ruining your floor surface. This is why I recommend a non-slip rug pad above all else.

If you have hardwood floors, laminate floors, or vinyl floors, then skip ahead to find the right rug pad for you. These popular quick and dirty solutions are likely to ruin your floors.

But I don’t want to skip over these different solutions altogether! I’ll go through each one here and give you my fair overview of each:

Rug Pad– Provides cushioning and comfort
– Protects floors
– Can be made from natural materials
– May be more expensive
– Can contain chemicals that can harm floors if not high quality
Rug Tape– Easy to apply
– Can be removed easily for cleaning
– Can be used on small rugs
– Not as durable as other options
– Can leave residue on floors
Silicone Caulking– Easy to apply
– Can be removed easily for cleaning
– Best for outdoors
– Can be difficult to apply evenly
– May not work well on larger rugs
Velcro– Strong bond
– Can be used on different surfaces
– Can be difficult to apply
– May not work well on larger rugs
Shelf Liner– Inexpensive
– Can be cut to size
– May react with floor finishes
– Not as durable as other options

#1 Choice: Rug Pads

Natural rubber rug pads are made from natural rubber and are more expensive but do not harm floor finishes. Be sure to shop for natural rubber backing, as rubber pads made with synthetic materials will damage your floors.

The Super-Lock Natural rug pad from RugPadUSA is the best option for preventing rugs from slipping because of its unique waffle design, which not only provides a comfortable level of cushioning but also allows for airflow between the rug and the floor. This design helps to hold the rug securely in place, preventing it from sliding or shifting. The natural rubber means that it won’t damage floors!

Best Non-Slip
9/10 Our Score

Super-Lock Natural

The thin profile makes it great for under thin rugs placed at doorways or high traffic areas.

Shelf Liner

Verdict: Avoid At All Costs

A rubberized shelf liner can be used to keep rugs in place, but it can react with floor finishes and cause permanent damage. The synthetic materials especially react with wood floors, laminate flooring, and vinyl flooring.

The same is true for rugs with rubber backing. The plastics in the synthetic rubber bond with polyurethane floor sealant used on hardwood floors, leaving sticky residue behind when you go to remove the shelf liner or synthetic rubber pads.

Hot Glue

Verdict: Use Cautiously

A hot glue gun can be used to keep a rug from sliding, but it may not be the most effective or long-lasting solution. Hot glue can be difficult to remove, and it may not hold up well over time, especially if the rug is frequently walked on or moved. 

The idea is to put hot glue on the underside of the area rug and let it dry completely. The sticky silicone-like feeling provides extra grip for your rug. This can work in a pinch but isn’t that great for the long term.

Rug Tape

Verdict: Not Recommended

Double-sided carpet tape, also known as rug tape, is an easy and effective way to keep synthetic rugs in place. This type of tape is typically made from a strong adhesive that can bond the rug to the floor, preventing slipping and sliding. Gripper tape can be applied directly to the floor in a grid or outline that will fit the rug’s edges. However, this can react with your flooring and leave a sticky residue that can be hard to remove.

XFasten Carpet Tape for Hardwood Floors

However, it’s important to choose the right type of tape for your specific flooring. For example,

  • If your rug is on a hardwood or tile floor, you’ll want to use a tape that is designed for those surfaces, as it will have a stronger hold and won’t damage the flooring.
  • If your rug is on a carpeted floor, a carpet tape that is designed to be used on carpets would be a better choice. It’s also worth mentioning that some carpet tape may damage carpet or rug fibers.
popular ways to make rugs non slip

Hook and loop anchors (aka Velcro)

Verdict: Meh, Not Recommended

Hook and loop anchors, also known as Velcro, are a type of rug gripper that can be used to attach a rug to the floor. These anchors feature two parts, one with hooks and the other with loops, that bond together when pressed together. They can be applied to either the rug or the floor, depending on the specific product.

8 Pairs Large Size Grippers for Rug

One potential downside to using hook and loop anchors is that the adhesive coating on the back of the anchors can potentially damage surfaces. For example, if the anchors are applied to a hardwood floor, the adhesive may remove the finish or leave behind a sticky residue. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and test the anchors on a small, inconspicuous area of the floor before using them in a larger area. Additionally, it would be good to make sure the adhesive is specially formulated to prevent damage to floors.

Silicone caulk

Verdict: Best For Outdoors

Silicone caulking is an effective alternative to traditional rug anchors and rug grippers. Instead of using fasteners, it uses the adhesive properties of silicone to keep the rug in place. It can be applied in small dots or thin strips, in a grid pattern, on the back of the rug. This creates a strong bond that holds the rug in place on the floor, while also being flexible enough to allow for repositioning or cleaning of the rug without causing damage. The caulking is also waterproof and durable, making it perfect for use in high traffic areas or bathrooms, where spills and moisture are more common. Furthermore, It is also good for outdoor use, in which traditional rug grip may not be suitable for the environmental condition.

Rug anchors

Verdict: Use Cautiously

Rug anchors, often referred to as rug grippers, provide a simple solution for keeping your rugs in place. Depending on the specific product, they can either be applied directly to the rug or to the floor. When the rug is pressed onto the fasteners, it creates a secure hold that can prevent slipping and sliding. Some brands of rug anchors are designed to be removable, which allows for easy repositioning or cleaning of the rug. These handy devices come in small sizes and can even be used on delicate fabrics.

Home Techpro Rug Pad Gripper

Safest Way To Keep Rugs From Sliding

One thing I’ve learned is that not all rug pads are created equal. While some may be effective at preventing slipping, they can also damage your floors if they’re not of high quality. For example, cheap rug pads may contain oils, adhesives, or toxic chemicals that can react with your floor’s finish. So, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable brand before making a purchase.

I’ve also come to realize that not all types of rug pads are suitable for every situation. For example, rubber rug pads are great for preventing slippage, but they may not provide the level of comfort that some people desire. On the other hand, felt pads, while not as effective at gripping, offer a cozy and soft feel underfoot and can also provide soundproofing.

For the ultimate balance of style and function, I recommend felt and rubber rug pads. These combine the natural rubber’s excellent gripping power with the added cushioning and comfort of felt, making for a truly unbeatable combination.

Best non slip rug padding

Best Natural Rubber Backing
10/10 Our Score

Superior Lock

This felt + rubber combo provides a non slip grip with added padding, is eco friendly, and won’t damage floors.

If you’re looking for the chef’s kiss perfect non slip rug pad, the Superior-Lock provides the ultimate in performance, cushion, protection, and quality. Made in the USA with the highest quality materials, this rug pad is safe for the home and family and is CRI Green Label and LEED certified.

With a textured checker rubber backing that is thicker than standard rug pads, this pad offers improved non-slip performance and increased durability. The 1/4″ thick dense felt provides a plush surface for your rug to lay on, cushioning your rug and preserving it from wear and tear.

Not only does this rug pad catch contaminants that fall through the rug and scratch the floor as the rug shifts, but it also absorbs impact to protect your floors from damage. The needle punched felt makes for a breathable layer that allows for more effective vacuuming and is also safe to use with radiant heated floors.

Upgrade your rug’s performance, cushioning, and protection with this premium rug pad, made with care and quality in the USA.

Best non slip rug pad for high traffic areas

If you’re looking for something more low-profile, but that can handle your traffic non-slip needs, the Super-Lock Natural is the grippiest low profile rug pad.

Best Non-Slip
9/10 Our Score

Super-Lock Natural

The thin profile makes it great for under thin rugs placed at doorways or high traffic areas.

The Super-Lock Natural is the perfect solution for preventing slippage and protecting your hardwood or hard surface floors. Made from natural rubber, this rug pad is not only more durable than comparable products on the market, but it also provides a safe and secure surface underfoot for your area rugs.

One of the best things about this rug pad is that it is made from 100% natural rubber, free of PVC, chemicals, and glues. This means there is no off-gassing and it is low VOC, making it safe for your home and family. Plus, the natural rubber construction ensures that your rug stays in place, eliminating bunching and ensuring a smooth surface.

Not only does this rug pad protect your floors, but it also encourages airflow through the rug, making it easier to vacuum and clean.

Closing thoughts

Before jumping into one of these options to make your rug non slip, consider the type of flooring you have, the level of traffic in the area, and the types of materials you’d like to use when making your decision. To avoid any issues whatsoever, invest in a non-slip rug pad to prevent slippage and damage.

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